Waters continue to rise and this area is causing people to prepare for evacuation. Here's what you need to know and where you can find sandbags to help protect your home. 


The Snake River has reached a record high. It's flowing at 41,400 cubic square feet per second. According to KTVB, the Payette River in Payette isn't in much better shape. It's flowing at 16,400 cubic square feet per second.


Officials say if you live in areas along these rivers you should prepare to be evacuated. Some people have taken drastic measures to protect their property, including one resident creating a make-shift dam. I know for me personally, losing my home would be so incredibly hard. I can not even fathom being faced with leaving and possibly loosing my home forever, but that is exactly the situation these people are in.


The area is expected to be threatened over the next few days, with water peaking on Thursday.


If you live in the area, be aware of how high the rivers are and get ready to evacuate if it becomes necessary.


Sandbags can be purchased at Darts True Value store in Payette.

You can then collect sand at these locations.

  • Highway 95 across from the Maverick in Payette
  • May Trucking in Payette
  • Noxious Weed and Gopher on South Main in Payette
  • Highway 52 and Blacks Bridge Road in New Plymouth
  • Payette County Fairgrounds in New Plymouth