A Deary, ID woman has died after snow and ice buildup on her porch roof caused it to collapse on top of her.  Reports say that it's unclear whether to woman was arriving or leaving when the roof gave way, which left her trapped.

Latah County Sheriff Rickie Skiles says, "it was just poor timing. She was found by a family member that was checking on her and found her under the roof and she could not get out from under the weight."

At this point, it's unknown if the woman's identity has been released.

Skiles goes on to point out that the snow build up on roofs is just part of the problem.  There's also the matter of the ice buildup that, when it's not removed between the storms can become too heavy for the structure to handle.

If possible, it's a good idea to check in on your neighbors especially the elderly to make sure their roof has been prepared for the next storm.

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