First off, let's make sure we get one thing straight.  There has been no wrong doing from Piper Pub & Grill.  Hawkins and Company purchased the Capital Terrace building last year and they're looking to do some upgrades and changes.  This means those that have leases are in jeopardy of losing their real estate for business and Piper Pub & Grill is smack dab in the middle of the line of fire.

Piper Pub & Grill wants nothing more than to stay in their current location but are getting next to no feedback from Hawkins and Company which is concerning to say the least.  The owners of Piper Pub & Grill, Gene and Erin Hutchinson had this to say about their attempts at renewing a lease...

"We are currently in negotiations for lease renewal but it does not seem that Hawkins is all that interested in renewing our lease.  We would love to stay were we are and    continue to be a downtown staple but that is looking less and less likely at this point."

According to the Hutchinsons are looking for alternate venues to continue their business but their hope is that they'll have the opportunity to stay where they are in downtown Boise.