This was a nice little surprise this morning.

I'm obsessed with hot-air balloons. They bring back so many great memories of my mom and I getting up at the crack of dawn and walking over to a local park in my hometown to check out balloons from all over the country.

They've always fascinated every time I see one floating over the skies of the Treasure Valley I get a little giddy. This morning, I saw one getting pretty close to our neighborhood, and anytime I see them around our area, they're usually landing in the softball fields at the fairgrounds. Not this time, though!

The hot-air balloon landing right on my street!!!! I was so excited, I had to run out, grab some pics and videos and say hello to the crew for 'Making Friends'.

This just got me even more excited for the annual Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic! See you there in just a few short months.