Another site that may have your personal information available to those that seek! It had my info, twice. 

I am one of those people that googles random Idaho numbers that calls me, especially with so many spam callers now showing up via a "208" number. I end up blocking them.

I googled a number yesterday that called me and site called "Spokeo" popped up, so I took the bait and clicked on the website. As I started to really poke around I discovered by typing in my phone number in the "search" tool it brought up two separate profiles for me! What scared me is, the info was spot on.

First, it listed the street I live on, town and zip code and the only thing missing was my house number. It listed "fun facts": my age, salary, marital status and race. All were 100% correct. Second, for me personally I had two profiles listed. The second had wrong info, my age was off by a few years and didn't have all "fun facts" listed like the other profile but what caught my attention was, it had a blurred picture of my MOTHER! A very familiar picture to me. Strangely, I entered my moms phone number and nothing, I entered her name, and nothing. Same with my dad. I searched for my sister and found the same accurate info available.

I found that some had their info available with entering in their phone number and others showed up as blocked but you could "unlock" the info for a fee. Which I did not do. I googled if I could "opt out" of this site and I found the info. I followed the instructions and both my profiles disappeared immediately.

If you find yourself on this site, opt out here if you choose to.

I know these sites are popping up regularly, to "connect people"! *rolls eyes* For me personally, no thanks. I choose to opt out.  Just keep in mind it was hit and miss for me when I searched for family and close friends, about half had info available without a fee.

Good luck!