One person is dead and authorities are asking people to stay away from the lower Hulls Gulch Trail area while the investigation is under way.


There were lots of calls into the police this morning about someone shooting guns at dogs in the Hulls Gulch area.  The Boise Police are confirming that at least one hiker's dog has been found dead so far.  When the suspect was confronted he was violent and ended up getting shot by police.  His gunshot wounds were fatal.


Joggers and hikers were all mandated to stay and be interviewed as part of the investigation but they've all been allowed to go home at this point.  No one is allowed into the Hulls Gulch area as of now until the investigation has everything it needs.  The Hulls Gulch area is off of North 8th Street which becomes Sunset Peak Road in the foothills.


We will keep you updated as information becomes available.