No way!! This is on my bucket list!!

You've heard of Aurora Borealis before...more commonly referred to as 'Northern Lights.'

Credit: Uriel Sinai | Stringer

According to KTVB, "Aurora Borealis occurs when electromagnetic discharge from sunspots is distributed in waves. As the charged particles enter the Earth's atmosphere, they can collide, resulting in colored streaks of light in the night sky."

You may have seen them in movies, or clips of them on your Facebook feed. But you actually may be able to see them with your own eyes right here in the Treasure Valley!!

They've actually been seen in some areas of Idaho since last Wednesday, but because of all the smoke in the air we haven't got a glimpse here in the Treasure Valley. BUT with the temperatures dropping and the smoke clearing we may see -a limited view- of them through Saturday night.