Ever wonder about the stories behind the songs? Here's your chance to hear how some of the biggest songs in country music came to be.

Aaron Benward and Travis Howard are bringing along some fellow songwritersfrom Nashville to the Treasure Valley for Nashville Unplugged: The Story Behind the Songs.

Did you know that the songwriter of "Friends in Low Places" actually traded his ownership of that song to pay off a hefty beer tab at a local bar in Nashville before it became a worldwide hit for Garth Brooks? 

Or that the song, "I Drive Your Truck", it was inspired by an interview on NPR of a mom who had lost her son in Afghanistan and the only way to heal her broken heart was to get in his truck and drive.

You'll be able to hear more about the inspiration behind country music's biggest songs LIVE!

NASHVILLE UNPLUGGED: The Story Behind the Songs

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Friday, February 17th