The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare along with the Nampa Police Department are investigating the abuse and neglect of 7 adult residents with intellectual disabilities.


The Southwest Idaho Treatment Center has been accused of staff members physically and psychologically neglecting and abusing these 7 residents.  The accusations came from an employee at the facility.


The Department of Health and Welfare Director had this to say...

“These actions go against everything we stand for and are being treated with the utmost urgency.  The safety of residents is our highest concern and priority, especially in this challenging environment. We follow procedures that ensure the safety and dignity of those in our care. I am extremely disappointed that some staff have not followed those procedures. They will be disciplined, including dismissal if the circumstances are warranted.”


The Nampa Police Department have stated that they are currently investigating five different active criminal charges that have to do with these accusations.  The details of what kind of abuse have not been released but we do know that sexual abuse was not part of any of the allegations.


The investigation should be completed by the end of this month.  We'll keep you posted with updates.