48-year-old Willy Taylor has been charged with the murder of his mother and father and the gruesome details keep getting worse and worse.


76-year-old Paul Taylor and his wife 77-year-old Mary Taylor's bodies were found decomposing on September 14, 2017.  Authorities believe the bodies had been tucked away in a shed for days.  The bodies were wrapped up in a tarp and sealed with duct tape.  Autopsies have now shown the bodies were beaten, strangled, and stabbed severely.  The bodies were discovered when a neighbor noticed a foul smell coming from the shed.


A ton of evidence has been found connecting Willy to the murders including blood, drag marks, stolen vehicles, finger prints, witnesses, video, and his testimony hasn't helped his case either.


Willy is currently locked up in the Canyon County Jail with a $1 million bail.  His preliminary hearing is October 19.  He could possibly face the death penalty if convicted.  For more details go to KTVB.