She's one of our own.  She's sacrificed and given all so that we can live free in a country that allows us the freedoms we take for granted every day.


25-year-old Staff Sgt. Alexandria Mae Morrow died yesterday while performing maintenance duties in Southwest Asia.  She was assigned to the 366th Maintenance Squadron based out of Mountain Home which is participating in Operation Inherent Resolve which is a military intervention against the Islamic State Group.


Morrow sustained her fatal injuries while operating her duties as a weapons loader at an expeditionary base in Southwest Asia.  The death is currently under investigation.  We wish her family and friends the best and pray for everyone that knew this special woman.


In a statement from Col. Jefferson O'Donnell, the commander of the 366th Fighter Wing, he says...

"Those who knew her valued her love of life and art, her leadership, her skills and her passion," O'Donnell said. "Her actions and contributions as a weapons loader just in five months overseas, let alone seven years as a Gunfighter, have set records for weapons employment in combat. We will dutifully continue to perform the mission while we mourn her loss. In doing so, we honor her for making the greatest sacrifice."