We're all dog lovers here at, WOW. We all have a strong love and bond with our beloved pets. It's hard when one crosses that Rainbow Bridge. 

Where do I start? It's been almost a month, that's how long it has taken me to write this. I lost my just turn 6 year old Golden Retriever very suddenly and it literally gutted my family.

Mimi. You and I had a special bond, a bond from day one. It was just you and I for years, you were my buddy and we did so much together. I wish we knew you were sick. I wish we saw and recognized the signs but they were so explainable at the time. You were young, you had been to the vet recently for a checkup, you were happy and healthy. I wish we knew.

What I do know is this, you were extremely loved and you're extremely missed. You had a pretty awesome life, I mean, I would be okay being reincarnated as a "Mimi".

You were definitely Golden but when it came to retrieving it was more like keep running the opposite direction then lay down and chew on the ball. You were always prissy when it came to water, like you didn't want to mess up your golden locks but you had your first taste of swimming this summer, THEN you retrieved...and I couldn't keep you away from water after that. Looking back I am so glad that was something you finally got to experience in your last months.

There are so many things I miss about you. I'm pretty sure you burped in my face daily, and we laughed every time. You would hop on the bed and guard it so I couldn't crawl in, oh sorry, I meant "your bed" *eye roll*. You used your paw to grab my hand so I would scratch you (not gonna lie, that got weird at times). You could not leave a toy behind, you had to fit every single one in your mouth. I never did quite understand the game you played with your bone? You liked to cuddle. I miss that.

I still struggle, I come home to an empty house sometimes and you aren't standing in the hallway to greet me as your body shook with excitement. Your sister, Nike, still looks for you and I know she misses her play buddy. I hope it brought you comfort that so many of us were at the vet with you, I just wished you were healthy enough to had survived the surgery you were rushed into.

I had my first encounter with your biological sister, Charlie, who lives across the street the other week. I cried as I she fell into my lap in the driveway for loves and scratches. You two look so much alike and have similar qualities, there is a piece of you that I get to see regularly as she chases the remote control car up and down the street.

I am sorry you were sick. You died too young and I didn't have enough time with you but I am so glad I had the time that I did. You were truly special and I enjoy thinking of the good times because I know you were happy and you knew you were loved and safe with us.

Rest In Peace my sweet girl, we will see you again one day.

- Mom, Dad and Nike.