Last year Meridian was #1 in "America's 50 Best Cities to Live" list from MSN. Can you guess who beat us this year?!


I hate to whine and complain, but as a Meridian resident myself, it was fun being named the #1 city in America to live in.


This year's poll put Meridian at #2. Broomfield, Colorado beat us out.


Here's how the two cities stack up:


Meridian is more populated than Broomfield

Meridian has just over 90,000 residents

Broomfield has just over 65,000


Housing is Cheaper in Meridian

The average house in Meridian costs $213,100

The average home in Broomfield costs $342,800


The Poverty Rate is Lower in Broomfield

10.7% of residents are at the poverty level in Meridian

4.6% of residents are at the poverty level in Broomfield


Broomfield is more Educated than Meridian

56.1% of those living in Broomfield have a Bachelors Degree or higher

35.2% of people living in Meridian have at least a Bachelor's Degree


All in all, #2 isn't too shabby and I'm still very proud to call Meridian, Idaho home!