School safety. It's been a hot topic of conversation all over the country. Some suggest arming teachers, others advocate for armed guards on campus, while many schools around the nation are constantly running through active shooter drills. According to KTVB, Jammie Elkins, a kindergarten teacher's aid at Joseph Elementary School, wanted to be a part of the solution.

Elkins created what she's calling a 'hinge lock' made of steel that goes over the hinge of the classroom doors. It's a safety precaution in addition to barricades. Each hing lock would have to be modified for each type of door around the district, but with a cost of less than $3 each that's pretty doable.

Elkins told KTVB that she sees first hand "the stress that kids are under when they go through active shooter drills." So she said, there had to be something done to make it easier for the teachers to buy some time in the event of an intruder.