I don't care what type of music you're into, we've ALL see the Michael Jackson's video for "Thriller."  It's without a doubt one of, if not THE, most iconic music video of all time and no matter how much time passes, it's still as relevant today as it was when it was released.

What you may not know, is that you may have seen one of the stars from the video as you've been walking around Idaho.  It turns out, a Meridian man made his way into that video and that wasn't the only one either.

Dr. Cory Hawkins is a local chiropractor.  But before he was Dr. Hawkins, he was a dancer from Northern California who danced in videos for of course Michael Jackson, as well as Madonna.  Hawkins began in theater at a young age and then progressed into the world of dancing.  "You know there aren't that many guys dancing and so they become very valuable, very easily," says Hawkins.

Hawkins even earned a spot on the national tour of "A Chorus Line."  He then answered a casting call in 1983 for what would turn out to be the video for "Thriller."

It took Hawkins about 2 weeks to learn the Thriller dance and afterwards would spend 3 days shooting the video with about 2 hours of zombie makeup each day.

If you're looking for Hawkins in the video he explains, "there's a V, with Michael at the very beginning and I'm at the corner, off of his right shoulder."

When it comes to Michael himself Hawkins says that he, "was a very hard worker, very dedicated."

You can also find Hawkins in Madonna's 1985 video "Material Girl."  "I actually walk her down the stairs, so if you watch the video when she walks down the stairs I'm right on her right side," Hawkins explains.

Hawkins moved to Boise in 1993 and while he hasn't been dancing much as of late due to a knee injury, he has no plans of giving it up. As far as dancing in music videos however, that's a different story :P

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