Danielle Krystine Davis was caught up in a battle over her 4 year old daughter when she tried to attack cops with a stun gun. Read on for the whole story!

25 year old Danielle Davis was at a Walgreens Pharmacy on McMillan and Linder in Meridian when she attempted to take her 4 year old daughter from her ex-husband who has sole-custody of the little girl.

Police were called to the scene where Danielle threatened the cops by sparking her stun gun. Davis left with her daughter and then cops tracked her down at the Walmart Supercenter off Fairview in Meridian.

Again, Davis pulled out her stun gun and attempted to shock 3 of the officers. She is facing multiple felony charges including 3 felony counts of assault on certain personnel, felony injury to a child, felony aggravated assault, and felony carrying of a concealed weapon without a license.

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