Mental Illness is something that millions of people deal with, but the topic makes most incredibly uncomfortable. Tonight those battling mental illness will have an opportunity to find their voice at BSU. 


I've dealt with my fair share of depression and anxiety in my life. I was on anti-depressants from the time I was 10 until I was 17. Personally, I hated them. I've been fortunate enough in my life to have finally found a good therapist that has helps me to make peace with myself and balance in my life, but sometimes the anxiety still rises or my depression leaves me not wanting to face the day. It's something I was deeply ashamed of as a teen and young adult. Today, I'm happy with who I am most of the time, but it's been a journey.


A national non-profit organization called "This is My Brave" is helping stomp out the stigma surrounding mental illness.


During the event people openly speak about overcoming mental illness. they tell their story without shame or judgement.


According to KTVB, 3 women from Boise, Erin Lorensen, Kristen Johnson, and Jessica Wyman will lead tonight's event at Boise State Universities Special Events Center. Their motto is "each day is an opportunity to make the world a little better than the day before."


One of their goals is to stop the way people talk about mental illness.


15 people will tell their stories tonight through essays, music, and poetry,


Tonight's event kicks off at 7:30 at BSU's Special Events Center. For more information click HERE.