Ok, maybe the word "manhunt" is a bit too much but the Ada County Sheriff Department wants this guy off our streets... immediately.  Have you seen him?


These are surveillance photos of a guy who stole around $5,000 worth of jewelry from a jeweler in downtown Caldwell on yesterday afternoon.  This is the typical guy I show my four daughters when I'm scolding them about what kinds of guys they can and cannot date.  He's obviously on the "cannot" list.


He has some kind of a large pentagram tattooed onto the back of his bald head.  Pretty recognizable.  Somebody has to see this guy.


He went into the store yesterday and while one of the employees was helping him he grabbed two expensive rings and ran.  He then hopped into a red car that was running and waiting for him.  No description for the driver has been released other than the fact that it was a woman.


The robbery went down shortly before 5:30 in the 200 block of South Kimball Avenue.