A Utah man has made it back home in time for Christmas after surviving 2 days in the freezing Idaho countryside. 


This story hit home for me. One of my best girlfriends called me Tuesday afternoon begging for help in finding her old neighbor.


According to KMTV, 77 year old Paul Meiling of West Jordan, Utah traveled to Idaho State University in Pocatello to deliver books on Monday.


He called his wife from Costco around noon on his way home and that was the last his family had heard from him.


Fearing the worse, Paul's family desperately reached out to police and media outlets in help finding their father. (We posted the original story HERE.)


Turns out Paul drove down a snowy road looking for a fishing pond he hoped to visit in the summer when he became stuck in the snow.


Paul survived without food for two days by using up the heat in his car, and walking to an abandoned barn and starting a fire. He actually burned down the barn in his desperation to keep warm and that's when Paul decided to walk east 5 miles in hopes of getting cell phone service.


Luckily Paul got the cell phone service he needed and was able to call his son.


He was found near Arimo, Idaho and was dehydrated, but otherwise in good health.


Paul says the song "I'll Be Home for Christmas" kept him going and of course his family is so happy to have him back home just in time for the holidays!