They say if you're going out of town not to post anything on social media indicating that you're not home.  Unfortunately for Nick Scott of Boise, he became an example of that..........and he didn't even leave town!

Scott went to a Steelheads game last Friday.  “I was posting on Instagram and to my snap story (snapchat),” says Scott.  He then stayed in East Boise with a friend and returned Sunday morning.  A few hours later he discovered that he had been robbed.

When it comes to what was stolen Scott says, "a lot of my construction stuff, I build swimming pools so it's like air compressor, pressure washer, and then I have another side company, I build surf boards and I have drift bikes."  Scott says the stolen items in total were worth about $3000.

However, it's specifically because of what was stolen that leads Scott to believe that the people responsible know him, follow his social media profiles, and knew exactly what they were looking to take.

Scott remarks, "I had the trailer parked sitting right here we were going to go out the next day and they walked right past all that stuff, they could have hooked a truck up and took it."

Boise Police Sgt. John Terry says that while thieves scouring social media looking for people to steal from isn't common, it most certainly can and DOES happen and to take precautions.

As for Scott, he bought security cameras for his property.

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