A middle-aged man with long hair, glasses, and a beard is going around macing dogs on the south side of Boise for no reason.


This stuff makes my blood boil.  Came across a post on the Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook page today that just leaves me shaking my head and asking why?

Posting this for a friend. "If you live on the south side of boise, keep a close eye on your dogs if they are outside even in a fenced, enclosed area. A man with a stroller, full of things, walked by and for no reason maced our dogs." This was at Nez Perce / Vista area. he has long hair, glasses and a beard middle aged.


Yes, there's always two sides to the story but as I read through the comments I'm not so sure this guy could say much to justify his cruelty to animals.  These dogs were in a fenced in yard and helpless to his abuse.  Here's some of the comments...

Heather Stadler - Makes me sick.  Was a lady with a toddler with him as well?

Jason Leidle - Mace will permanently destroy a dog's sense of smell.  Forever.

Judi Walker - That's so wrong.  Hopefully he's caught soon.

Theresa See - I saw that guy walking down Columbus yesterday.

Madelyn Pacheco - This fits the description of the guy that was trying to camp out and was booted out of our area yesterday.

Jim Moore - This is how people get shot.


If you see this man or any suspicious activity in this area, please contact authorities immediately.  Don't expect someone else to do it.  Don't assume he'll eventually get caught.  Animal cruelty should not and will not be accepted in our community.