This is like something straight off of Dateline and this whole crazy experience is coming to a head right here on Interstate 84 in Boise.

Sunday morning the Ada County Sheriff's Department noticed someone driving erratically, swerving in and out of lanes on I-84.  When they pulled the man over they discovered a whole lot more than they expected.

The vehicle was registered to 62-year--old John Henry Cumby who had been reported missing from his friends and family back in Illinois.  He's been missing for a month and all of Cumby's belongings were still in the vehicle.  His wallet, identification and personal items were all still there.

The man driving the vehicle was 25-year-old Jeffrey Maynard who could not explain anything about where Cumby was or why he was driving his vehicle.  In fact, Maynard tried to grab a can of mace and attack officers while being questioned which forced officers to take immediate action and put Maynard under arrest.  The Sheriff Department say they definitely feel that foul play is involved here.

Cumby left for a camping trip in mid-August and has not been heard of since.  Maynard is being held with a $500,000 bail while the case is being investigated.