Luc lives in Great Falls, Montana.  He's the biggest LoCash fan on the planet and he drove 9 hours to see these guys at The Western Idaho Fair.  When he got here... LoCash blew his mind!


Luc's dad reached out to us here at WOW Country to see if there was a way he could purchase good seats.  There wasn't.  It's 1st come 1st serve, but we invited Luc and his dad into the WOW Country V.I.P. area where they hung out with us, ate dinner, and at the last minute we dropped a bomb on Luc telling him he's going backstage to meet Chris and Preston.


Chris and Preston were awesome!  They hung out with Luc, talked about his cool shades and shoes, took pictures and that was just the beginning.  After the meet and greet we asked Luc to come on stage with us and introduce LoCash to the thousands of fans watching.  He just about fainted but was great!


LoCash took us aside and asked us to have Luc ready during their last song, "I Love This Life".  They brought him up on stage.  Strapped a guitar around his neck.  And Luc jammed with Chris and Preston through the entire song.


To watch this miracle happen for a young boy and his dad, who drove 9 hours, thinking they'd just be one of the thousands in the stands watching their favorite band... well, that was cool.  You can watch the whole night as it unveiled right here.  Special thanks to LoCash!  You boys are high class all the way.  This is why we love doing what we do.  This is why we love country!