When I was in college I almost fell victim to a rental scam, and since, I am particularly careful when things sound too good-or bad-to be true.

So it infuriates me, when I hear of people falling victim to these types of situations and, unfortunately, losing out on a ton of money. That's what happened to one local woman named Jean Allmon.

According to KTVB, she received calls from a Maryland number. When she called back, scammers led her to believe there were federal charges filed against her, then, after being transferred to whom she believed to be a U.S. Marshall, was told she may be the victim of identity theft.

Allmon was then directed to withdraw money from her account and purchase Walmart gift cards.

Her entire life savings-about $30,000 was gone in just two days.

According to KTVB, Veronica Craker with the Better Business Bureau said Allmon fell victim to a tactic that "almost every scam artist uses."

So, let this be a warning to you. If you get any phone calls from people asking about your personal information, or threatening you with arrest, this is definitely a SCAM!