So what happened Sunday night at The Revolution Concert hall to make Lil Wayne shut his concert down and leave?


This is a guy who just can't seem to get along with Idaho.  Back in 2007 he was arrested after a Boise concert and Sunday he was telling his entourage called "The Goon Squad" to "throw all this $*!% back at the audience."


About an hour into the concert somebody in the crowd threw a water bottle at Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne didn't like that much.  Lil Wayne shut the music down and proceeded to tell the crowd how rich he is and then Wayne's body guard shouted out, "show over man."


After Lil Wayne was off stage for a bit he'd cooled off and was ready to continue... until... here it comes again... another water bottle came flying in at him.  Yikes!  After that, it was over, for good.  The water bottle thrower has not been found.


Here's video of the incident.  Water bottle comes flying in at about the :30 second mark.