You’ve heard the phrase, it’s the thought that counts...I feel like our society has lost a little of that.

It seems like now the holidays are more about how much you spend than who you spend it with. So every year I like to really think of the gifts I’m giving to the people I love.

Sure, I give the occasional hot toy of the season, but I really love to make one-of-kind gifts that are handmade.

Luckily so does my husband. So this year we decided to work on special gifts for each family unit.

Now this idea was 100% his! I’m the crafty one, but he usually has really great ideas, so together we make a great team. He thought of making everyone clocks.

So when we were searching our garage and looking different fun quirky items to turn into clocks, he had the idea of using books! GENIUS.

So below is a tutorial on how to turn your loved ones favorite books into cool pieces of conversation.


1. Buy click mechanism. These can be found at a bunch of places, We got ours at Jo-Ann’s


2. Pick a good book, hardcover will work best

3. Pick a good page, remember to consider the width of the clock back when choosing a page

4. Drill hole through book.

5. Follow the instruction for clock assembly

DONE!! It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.