We have all been wanting an answer for a long time. Is Costco coming to Meridian? If so when will it happen? These were some of the first questions asked at a town hall meeting Wednesday night. Here's the answer. 


I have been hearing roomers of Costco coming to Meridian since the day I moved here nearly two years ago. Honestly, I thought the proposed location at Chinden and Linder would be up and running by now, but we aren't getting the answers I was hoping for.


Meridian Community Development Director, Bruce Chatterton says they really don't have any "concrete answers" at this time.


According to KTVB, it is true that they have been talking to Costco developers and there is sincere interest in putting a location at Chinden and Linder in Meridian, but the idea isn't even to the point that we have a date of any sort set. Other areas in Meridian are also being discussed by Costco and the city of Meridian, but nothing has been settled.


Living in Meridian myself, I guess I won't be holding my breath of having a convenient Costco anytime really soon. Maybe that's a good thing, because I love Costco and spend far to much money there even with the nearest locations being in Boise and Nampa.