This is honestly the coolest hike ever in the entire state. Here's how you find "Idaho's Underground Hike!"


Located within "Craters of the Moon" this hike allows you to explore thousands of years of history.


You'll find incredible lava tubes that trail hundreds of feet below the surface.


When you are above ground you would never believe that there is this ice maze just below the surface but it exists and its absolutely incredible.


Start off at Craters of the Moon. You have to stop at the visitors center and get your free permit because it's required on this guided hike. From there you will hike half a mile across the lava fields. Here you will find your first cave.


From here you'll travel another 3 1/2 miles and discover 3 really cool caves. Indian Tunnel, Boy Scout, and Beauty Cave.


Here's what you'll discover inside the caves.


Indian Tunnel:

This is the largest cave. Some portions are collapsed, so some natural sunlight will guide you on your way.


Boy Scout:

This is not for the claustrophobic. It features a small crawl space that you have to navigate through.


Beauty Cave:

This requires you to scale down a large slope of rocks where you'll discover a 300 foot long tunnel.


This is a perfect hike for a hot summer day because temperatures can dip down between 30-40 degrees inside the caves.


One weird rule on this hike: You can't wear clothes that you have worn before on this hike within the last ten years! Apparently this protects the wildlife inside the caves.


For more specific instructions on how to find this hike click HERE and HERE.