This hike is not something you do everyday. It's called "Idaho's Haunted Hike" and if you dare to take it on, you are in for a trip!


You have to make a bit of a drive to go on this hike if you live in the Treasure Valley, because it's located in Northern Idaho, but if you are in to scary, it may be well worth your time.



It's located in St. Joe National Forest and the signs for the White Pine Recreational Trail hike are clear, but we're going to take a little adventure off the beaten path.


If you really want to get creeped out, take a left at the second fork in the road and veer off the main path.


The forest is dense and depending on the weather it can be very foggy, which adds to the creep factor.


As you follow the trail you'll see an old abandoned campground and the grave of the young miner who died here.


Frank Heller died of an unknown cause at the campground in 1936 and the spot was named after him. The cabin where his body was found is still standing. Frank isn't reportedly a scary ghost though, it's the dozens of trapped souls underneath the rivers current that will leave you running and screaming for your life!


Here are some things that hikers report experiencing along the trail.

  • distant voices in the forest
  • calling from the riverbanks
  • sights of Frank Heller (although he hasn't been known to approach or attack anyone.)

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