All of his internal organs including his colon, stomach, and intestines were all pushed up into his diaphragm which split in two and somehow he's surviving.


15-year-old Keeton Doggett of Ammon, Idaho headed home on his bike after his shift at Arctic Circle.  A big white lifted Chevy truck with a chrome push bar, huge tires and tinted windows came out of nowhere and ran over the young man's legs with its front tires.  The truck didn't stop.  It kept going, running over the teen again with the back tires and then took off.


Doggett was rushed into surgery at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where he's expected to live.  Living with a lot of pain right now but he's alive and cracking jokes to the nurses and doctors in the hospital.


If you or anyone you know has any information please call 208-529-1200.