Well, it's definitely been a difficult time in our country lately. The political climate is charged, students are finding their voice, and the controversies continues. A big topic of conversation: potential security threats and how schools should prepare. One school district right here in Idaho has made a decision to buy rifles and ammunition in "case of potential security threats moving forward."

The Garden Valley School District -which is about an hour north of Boise- has purchased four rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition according to KBOI. They're apparently thinking of spending up to $2,000 to "purchase extra magazine rounds and body armor vests."

So who will be using these guns in the event of a security threat? According to KBOI, school officials went through training with the Boise County Sheriff's Office deputies. Their K-12 school will have signs to warn visitors that "our school is armed."

So, how do you feel about this? Should school funds be used for guns and ammo? Is this a justified purchase? Comment below!