12 years for killing someone. Do you think justice was served in this Idaho case?


62 year old Jimmie O'Neal Sr. of Gooding, Idaho plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter. In the case against him he claimed he accidentally shot and killed his son in-law, Steven Michael Lawrence.


The two men had been arguing when O'Neal pulled out a gun. It's understandable why the argument was heated. O'Neal claims his son in-law was repeatedly abusing his daughter.


O'Neal was sentenced to 12 years for the crime on Tuesday. He'll be eligible for parole in 6 years.


According to the Idaho Statesman, prosecutors were seeking 3 to 10 years while O'Neal's attorney was hoping for probation. Prosecutors got more than they were bargaining for, but was justice served in this case?


Was the killing really accidental, or did O'Neal snap over the abuse of his daughter? I can easily see how that could happen, and if so, to what extent should an act like that be punished?