Our fallen heroes definitely deserve a place to be commemorated, but unfortunately, for those K9 officers who have died in the line of duty don't have a place where we can go to honor their service. Hopefully that will change soon though. According to KTVB, the Fraternal Order of Police have started fundraising for an Idaho K9 Memorial. The thing is, there's nowhere for this memorial to go. So far, fundraising efforts have brought in about $24,000, and a sculpture is actually almost completed.

So what happened? Well, there was a place in mind that made perfect sense: the Idaho Peace Officers' Memorial in Meridian. Unfortunately the board of directors decided against it. However, according to KTVB, there might be a chance they change their decision. In the meantime though, they're taking suggestions on where you think this memorial should be built. You can email your suggestion to the Fraternal Order of Police president,  Joe Andreoli at treasurevalleylodge11@gmail.com.