Would you believe if we told you that you live in a place that's colder than the freezing, South Pole, "March of the Penguins," temperatures of Antarctica!?! Cuz well, with the weather we've been having lately, that's actually "kind of" true..............kind of :P

In parts of Idaho recently, according to the Weather Channel app we've actually had temps lower than areas of Antarctica.  For example at 7:20 AM, Antarctica checked in at -15 degrees.  At that same time, Stanley, Idaho was looking at temps as low as -24. Island Park had it a little easier but not by much at -18.  Antarctica wins there......

Things got worse for Stanley by 9 AM  as temps continued to drop to -26, while Antarctica checked in at -17.

To be fair however, it is currently summertime in Antarctica.  Still though, blows your mind to think we've LITERALLY been experiencing Antarctica type weather! :-0

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