A couple of days ago this convicted felon walked into a an Idaho Falls bar with loaded guns ready to do damage and he's already out of jail!


This morning we had Trevor Bennion on the air.  Trevor was the guy that took down 58-year-old Martin Knowles at The Roadhouse Saloon and most likely saved lives on Tuesday night.  Now Trevor's wondering why the law is setting this mad man free and Trevor's wondering how he's supposed to protect himself after the courts slapped a $50,000 bail down for Knowles meaning it only took him $5,000 to spring himself loose.


Trevor's said on the Rick and Carly show...

If he had a small bag of weed on him he'd be locked up for a long time but a convicted felon with three fully loaded weapons pointed at people in the middle of a bar is out in just three days??


The courts contacted Trevor to make sure he knew that Knowles was out and that there's a court order prohibiting Knowles from making any type of contact with Trevor.  That doesn't fly well with Trevor.  He feels that someone crazy enough to do what he did isn't going to abide by some small piece of paper the courts give him.


Bottom line is this.  Trevor is hero.  He saved lives Tuesday night by risking his own life in the process.  He shouldn't have to continue to be concerned about the safety of himself, family members, and friends now.  Idaho's court system is failing Trevor.  They're failing all of us!