So now hallucinogenic mushrooms is a problem in Meridian?  This guy had that, more drugs, and weapons and he's walking the streets of one of the best cities in America.


A routine traffic stop Friday night led the Ada County Sheriff's Office to a vehicle full of surprises.  27-year-old Lee Thomas Smith was pulled over around 8 p.m. on Eagle Road close to East Taconic Drive.  He was pulled over because one of his headlights was out.


The deputies noticed the smell of marijuana and that's when they brought in their K-9 Officer Nate to take care of business.  They found more than a pound of marijuana all split up in little baggies ready to distribute, a large bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms, hash oil, unidentified pills, drug paraphernalia, a loaded handgun, a sword, and more than $2,400 in cash.


Smith was arrested an booked into the Ada County Jail where he waits for his court date this Monday.