Flooding has gotten so bad that ADA County has declared a state of Disaster and sections of the Greenbelt are being shut down. 

The following sections of the Greenbelt have been closed due to flooding.

  • The tunnel under 9th Street; you will be re-routed through the Royal Boulevard extension.
  • Under the Parkcenter Bridge at Logger Creek
  • A gravel nature path near Marianne Williams Park between East Parkcenter Blvd and South Eckert Road
  • A section of Marianne Williams Park at the bridge over Walling Creek, south of east Warm Springs Avenue
  • The boardwalk under the Capitol Bridge Boulevard Bridge on the south side of the Greenbelt.
  • From the Main Street Tunnel to Trestle Bridge on the north side
  • The Bethine Church Rivertrail

According to the Idaho Statesman, we haven't seen the river this high since 2012. Declaring a State of Emergency will help officials take emergency action to control the flooding and repair the roadways being eroded by all of the water.

By and large, stay away from the River and the Greenbelt until the waters slow down and the flooding eases up.