Boise Police and security are on high alert for a threat found that's scheduled to take place this Friday at Capitol High School.


The graffiti threat was found last week on the inside of a bathroom stall.  The nature of the threat has not been released but we do know that it was not directed at any specific person or persons.  The Boise Police believe the threat is not credible but are taking every precaution to make sure that all students and faculty are safe.


Friday, May 5 is the day the threat is scheduled so extra police will be on hand.  Parents have been notified by email.  Here's what the email stated...

“Currently, we have taken the following extra precautions: students sign in and out of their classrooms during class time; school administrators have increased supervision on campus, particularly in our restrooms and locker rooms; video cameras have been reprogrammed to enhance security coverage; staff members and students have been cautioned to report any unusual objects or behaviors to the administration; and additional Boise Police and school administration supervision will be provided on campus all day on Friday, May 5th.”


Capitol High School went through all the safety procedures with students this afternoon.  The email sent out to parents also said that if they excuse their child from school on Friday it will still count as an attendance absence.


You have to wonder how many students will not show up on Friday.  Over 1,000 students didn't show the day the Skyview High threat was supposed to take place.  The threat is under investigation.