This is messed up stuff!! Goose parts found hanging in a tree out in Star! Who in the world did this?!


It was like a scene out of a horror movie right off the walkway in Riverwalk Park in Star.


Onlookers report seeing goose heads, goose feet, and chicken feet strung up in a tree!


It's unclear if the person or people who did this did it for attention, as some sort of a sick joke, or maybe it's even part of some satanic ritual; unfortunately they don't really have any leads.


According to KTVB, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game don't plan to investigate the matter because they really don't have the resources and say they have other priorities right now.


I'm just glad someone had the heart to take the animal parts down and bury them. I can't imagine going to a park with my kids and them seeing something like that.