Photo: Rich Summers

We had to say goodbye to a giant outside our WOW Studios. It was a sad moment when they started to cut down this old tree....

Who knows how long this big old tree had been standing. How many squirrels and birds called it home? How many people sat beneath it on a hot summer day enjoying lunch in the shade (there is a picnic table nearby)? On several occasions I would leave the squirrels and birds a few nuts and scraps from my lunch to enjoy. But it all had to end.

Sadly, as you can see below, the tree had begun to decay and rot away from the inside out. The arborist was afraid a good wind could cause the tree to snap and the heavy limbs and branches would come crashing down. It had become a danger to anyone underneath.

Photo: Rich Summers

Even though I knew it had to come down, it didn't make me feel better about this big old tree disappearing from outside my office. It's like a passing of history and time, and it makes me sense my own mortality. It's the circle of life, and we are all part of it.

Hopefully, a new tree will sprout up in it's place, and give future generations of squirrels, birds, bees and people a place to rest, relax and enjoy.