More than 500,000 people are expected in Idaho for the Total Eclipse on Monday, August 21 and that means money, money, money.


Gas up right now because AAA Idaho says that with so many people visiting, the demand for gasoline will be high.  Keep a full tank over the next few days because not only are gas prices going to go up but lines will potentially be long as well.  We're not built to have an extra 1/2 of a million people in such a small area.


Prices now here in Idaho average $2.65 a gallon which is 21 cents higher than a year ago and 30 cents higher than the current national average.  Those prices will most likely keep climbing and may even get ridiculous.


Labor Day is also on the way which will keep gas prices high for quite a while.  If you can, stock up and if you can't, fill up and stay full as long as possible.