This stuff always creeps me out, especially having children and having to worry about someone exposing themselves. Does this "flasher" have other victims?

It happened at Albertsons in Eagle off of Eagle Road at about 6:45 p.m. last night. A woman was looking at flowers when she says a man rolled up his shorts and exposed his genitals to her.

The indecency didn't stop there though. He followed the woman until she was going through check-out and planning to tell someone about the incident. At that point the "flasher" brushed up against the woman's shoulder, walked out of the store, and drove off in a white PT Cruiser.

According to KTVB, the man was a stranger to the woman. He is being described as...

  • short
  • possibly of Asian decent
  • late teens to early 20's
  • dark hair (one side longer than the other)
  • wearing shorts and a black t-shirt

Unfortunately we don't have a picture of the suspect, but if you saw anything or you suspect who this is, or even if you believe you to were a victim of this man, please contact the Eagle Police at (208) 938-2260 or you can e-mail the police at