Such an amazing escape so close to Boise!

This past weekend, I decided it was going to be a nice relaxing, do-nothing weekend. So I was super excited when the fiancée told me to pack a swim suit and pack up in the truck. All he said was we were going to relax somewhere.

I'm pretty spontaneous so I didn't really ask questions.

We got in the truck, and started driving up ID 55 (one of the most beautiful car rides EVER).

A couple hours later, we made a right turn just after Donnelly. Into the mountains we went, and the scenery just kept getting more and more beautiful. We finally made it to our destination: Gold Fork Hot Springs.

I LOVE hot springs, so I was really excited because I'd never been there before. It was so relaxing and soooo beautiful definitely a place you should check out if you're looking for a nice little getaway.