Okay, we're on to the 3rd snow day for the kiddos and this is following the two week holiday break. If you're going stir crazy, here's some out of the box ideas to keep the kids entertained!


1. Indoor Camping! Set the tent up inside, play card games,  roast hot dogs and make s'mores over the stove.

2. Put a little food coloring in spray bottles and send the kids outside! It will work much like sidewalk chalk in the Summer but with snow!

3. Play Old School Games: Heads Up 7-Up, Bingo, the Telephone Story Game, Hide and Go Seek.

4. Create a Real Theater: Instead of just throwing the kids in front of the TV, set it up like the theater with popcorn

5. Go through Old Photos: Tell stories as you go through the albums and watch old home movies.