11 people, including children, were injured on Saturday when a Porsche Spyder plowed into the crowd during Cars and Coffee. Now, the man behind the wheel has finally been indentified.


49 year old Roy L. Drennon of Eagle was driving the Porsche when he lost control after gunning his engine.


Police have confirmed the crash was not intentional but the investigation continues.


Roy Drennon will most likely face charges, but so far we don't know what those charges will be. According to KTVB a toxicology report was conducted, but Drennon didn't show any signs of impairment and we don't know the results of the toxicology test yet.


Thank goodness no one was killed in this horrible accident, but some of the 11 people impacted by the accident were seriously injured including one man who ended up with a street sign lodged in his back. For the original story on this crash click HERE.