Every single type of parking in downtown Boise will be affected by this including hourly, monthly, and hotel guests.

Before we all get bent out of shape, know that these changes are not set in stone yet.  The Capital City Development Corporation is scheduled to host a public hearing next month where locals can join the conversation on our parking garages and what the price increase means to our community.

So why is this a discussion?  It's all about supply and demand. Often, our parking structures are full of vehicles from workers who've decided it's best to pay to store their vehicles. With so many local workers filling up our parking garages, there haven't been many spots available for the rest of the community and our tourists. If the increase is approved, their goal is to motivate drivers to utilize carpooling, public transportation or street parking, so that those who need parking garage spaces will have that option.

There's been an 81% increase in all-day parkers recently and that number goes way up when the weather gets cold.  Which is exactly the season we're heading into.

So how much would this increase be?  CCDC is looking for anywhere between a 17% to 20% increase depending on which garages and their locations.  That's pretty significant if you're storing your vehicle all day, every day while you work.

There are new garages being built.  One on 5th and Broad St and the other is at 11th and Front.  These new garages will free up some space but with the growth we're dealing with here in the Treasure Valley it doesn't look like that'll even be close to enough to make a dent.

Some of the more expensive increases include hotel valet which will go from $2.85 to $10.00 and self park at hotels will go from $5.70 to $10.00.

The hearing is scheduled to take place at noon on on November 13th at the CCDC board room which is located at 121 North 9th Street Suite #501.  Good luck finding a place to park.