Look at that face! Can you imagine telling your child "sweetie, you have cancer." Can you imagine the worry? Watching your child struggle through painful treatments and sickness. If you have a beautiful child, this is why you should become a "Partner in Hope."

Rick and Carly/ Andy Hadfield

Sweet little Andelyn is just 4 years old. She should be playing dolls with her friends, going down slides, making a mess for her Mom to clean up. She shouldn't have to lose her hair and spend day after day in the hospital.

Rick and Carly/ Andy Hadfield

Even though Andelyn isn't receiving treatment at St. Jude, most likely the protocol she is following was developed at St. Jude. They freely share the life saving research developed their with hospitals around the world.

Andy Hadfield/ Rick and Carly

You can make a miracle happen. You can give a Mom and a Dad memories with their child that they would not have without YOUR donation. You can literally give HOPE.

Rick and Carly/ Andy Hadfield

Think about what you spend $20 a month on. Clothes, lunch, getting your nails done. You don't necessarily feel good about spending any of that money, but we PROMISE you that you will feel good by becoming a "Partner in Hope."

Do it right now!!

Pick up the phone at 1-800-372-4999 or Text the word "GIVE" to 785833