I am terrified of snakes!! The are creepy, crawly, gross! What snakes could you cross paths with here in Idaho? Here's what you need to know!

I found a snake in my backyard over the weekend and it completely freaked me out! Luckily it was harmless, but I wanted to know what snakes cause trouble and which ones are just nasty looking?


The 4 snakes below are the most common snakes found here in Idaho, but according to The Idaho Statesman you may also run into these less common snakes.

  • common gartnersnake
  • Northern Rubber Boa
  • Ring-necked snake
  • desert nightsnake
  • western groundsnake
  • long-nosed snake
  • striped whipsnake
  • prairie rattlesnake
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    The Western Rattlesnake

    This is the only deadly poisonous snake in Idaho. They are usually found in rocky areas, but leery around water because they can be found there too! This rattler has a triangle shaped head, the famous rattler on his tail, and a mature rattlesnake is about 3 feet long, although baby rattlers are the most dangerous. They like cool places and are nocturnal, so be particularly careful around nightfall and sunrise.

    Getty Images/ David McNew
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    North American Racer

    You'll find these snakes primarily in the Boise Foothills. They are a greenish/grey color with a yellow belly as adults and they move very fast in a gliding motion.

    Getty Images/ Matt Cardy
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    Also known as bullsnakes, these snakes mimic rattlers so, you might  be mistaken, but if you pay close attention you'll realize they don't have a rattle on their tail. Gophersnakes do bite and it's painful, so stay clear.

    Getty Images/ David McNew
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    Terrestrial Gartner Snake

    This is the most common water snake in Idaho and the one I found in my back yard! Totally creeped me out, but apparently they are harmless. They will bite you if they are provoked but they are not considered aggressive.

    Rick and Carly