I noticed an overhead sign this morning that read "Do Not Pick Up Hitch Hikers." Turns out there is one man in particular that authorities want you to be aware of. 

According to the Idaho Statesman, a man walking along I-84 near Glenns Ferry was "exhibiting potentially dangerous behavior" around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon.

The suspicious man is being described as...

  • dark skinned
  • wearing an orange hoodie and a dark parka
  • wearing jeans and black high-top sneakers
  • carrying a dark backpack that may have a camouflage pattern
  • early 40's
  • gave police the name Robert E. Lee

The man has been spotted along I-84 during the past week in a stretch of freeway that spans between the Utah border and Elmore County.

It's unclear exactly what the man is doing, but please follow the signs and don't pick up hitch hikers to keep yourself safe.

In addition to this suspicious individual on the I-84, Boise has been noticing more frequent crime reports popping up. This past week alone, the Treasure Valley has made headlines for having pitbull fighting, family-on-family murder, former Kuna police officers going to jail for child enticement, and directors stepping down after twelve of Treasure Valley's students were injured in a bus crash.

It's a crazy world we live in!

If you're wondering who you can help keep an eye out for here in the Treasure Valley, check out Idaho's 10 Most Wanted list HERE!

Have you seen any of these men?