Business is booming, but there aren't enough workers to do the job!

According to KTVB, there is a shortage of construction workers and it's having an impact on the industry.

The CEO of Associated General Contractors, Wayne Hammon, told KTVB, that one of the reasons is that during the recession some folks in the construction industry got retrained in other fields.

President of the Builders Contract Association in Southwest Idaho, Justin Hal, told KTVB that “It will take longer to build a house. In the long term prices will go up a little bit.”

There is a solution though. Hammon says, it's education.

"There are a lot of people in Idaho that are interested in living here, but not in four years of college and four years of debt, but they can get certified as an electrician or a mason in a much shorter time for a lot less money and make just as much in the outcome if they went to a four year school," said Hammon. "82 percent of construction workers in Idaho have health insurance provided by their employer.”

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